Trading Relationships
Maximise Value from Trading Partner Relationships

Previous research has shown that only 27% of partnerships work long term. Yet most companies are reliant upon other enterprises for their success, whether that be key Suppliers, Partners, Contract Manufacturers, Alliances or Joint Ventures.

Successful trading partnerships starts with understanding the required outcomes, and the types of partners to support those outcomes. As relationships between trading partners vary, and therefore a "one size fits all" approach does not always work, it is also necessary to define the required type of relationships with those partners. Identifying, negotiating and implementing partnerships is most successfully achieved by using formal processes, supported by clear definitions of elements such as a shared definition of "trust", the right legal framework (some will require a complex contract, others a simple mutual agreement), and how compatible the cultures and ways of working are. For trading partner relationships already in place, understanding the alignment within that relationship and having a shared view on how to achieve alignement, is critical. Without that alignment, the relationship is unlikely to last long term. We therefore also assess the level of alignment between existing partners, and work with them to achieve alignment.

For relationships such as Joint Ventures and Alliances, a clear understanding of how benefits will be shared is required. It is also important to understand dependencies on these partners, and their partners (particularly upstream suppliers). Our methodology and capabilities therefore include definition of the formal structures to implement and support such relationships, supported by analysis of the wider network of linked enterprises.

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