Risk and Security
Build Secure and Resilient Value Networks

The threats to the Supply Chain are accelerating in terms of both likelihood and consequence. Geographical risk is on the increase, as more and more sources are sought in higher risk locations and countries, driving the need to manage upstream supply chain more closely than ever. Whilst recent natural disasters have raised the issue (in 2013, they resulted in economic losses of $192bn), far too few companies are taking the resilience and security of their Value Networks seriously enough. In 2014, 81% businesses experienced at least 1 disruption, with 75% experiencing significant disruption. CEO's in particular, see the effects, since supply chain disruption typically wipes 7 to 20% off share prices. Additionally, 83% of CEO's believe their supply chains are not optimal to meet today’s demands. Despite this, few UK companies have secure and resilient supply chains. Additionally, those accountable for sourcing, manufacturing and distributing products are dealing with threats from...

We support clients in understanding their current situation with regard to risk in their extended supply chains, including

Pathfinders works with clients to determine and mobilise action plans for mitigating the risks, whilst carrying out periodic re-assessments and audits to ensure these plans stay on track.

TRUSTED TRADER - Achieve Accreditation to reduce risk, gain benefits and prepare for post Brexit trade

Adoption of Trusted Trader related accreditation schemes, such as the EU Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) scheme, can provide a framework for working towards as secure a supply chain as possible, whilst such schemes can bring their own benefits in their own right. In our experience, AEOC (Customs Compliance) accreditation can bring 5 to 8% of total import value, and AEOS (Safety and Security) 10 to 15%.

It is also likely that Authorised Economic Operators will be best placed to respond to post Brexit trading changes, notably at UK Importation and Exportation points.

Pathfinders can support you with ...

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