Make Decisions Based on Research and Understanding

Strategic Thinking is underpinned by insight and understanding, whilst the use of facts and data provides a sound basis for technical analysis and a common reference point for conversations to secure alignment amongst decision makers. Insight and understanding are generated using experience, analysis, primary and secondary benchmarking, and primary and secondary research. In particular, Primary Research can provide insights that are uniquely known to you, and not to your competitors, enabling competitive insight to drive your strategic thinking.

Successful decision making is based on making the right decisions at the right time; all decisions have a window of opportunity in which they need to be taken. Our approach includes definition of the decisions to be taken, and the timing of the window of opoprtunity. Supporting research and analysis is then timed to support those windows of opportunity. It is also important to know when to stop a project or activity; our approach therefore includes making those, often difficult and politically complex, "stop" decisions.

We carry out Primary Research both for clients, and to inform our own points of view and intellectual capital. Our services include research and analysis to generate understanding and insight as part of strategy development, including Brexit baselining and impact analysis, scenario evaluation and decision support. We support strategic thinking in operational areas such as operating model development, Supply Chain, Sourcing and IT, Digitisation and Disruptive Technology, and how Trading Relationships can be most effectively deployed and used.

Recent research topics have included...

Executive Summaries of our Research Reports are available free of charge upon request. Full reports are available for a fee. Please note that client commissioned research reports are confidential to that client and are not available for sharing.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our Research and Analysis based services.

DECISION SUPPORT - Helping You Make Difficult Decisions

Whilst we provide Insight and Understanding to our clients, we also help them to make difficult decisions based on that insight and understanding. To assist us, we have developed proprietary tools and methodologies, including the Decision Support Platform (DSP), RevelCS™.

RevelCS™ is a Cloud hosted Application that allows simple and rapid modelling of value networks and supply networks using minimal data. What-if scenarios can then be quickly and easily evaluated with the platform, with instant chart and report outputs providing immediate impact assessment. The Platform comprises layers that can be toggled on and off, to further focus and simplify it's use. These layers include ...

We typically provide this as a Managed Service to clients on a subscription basis, but should clients wish to use RevelCS™ hands on themselves, it is available on an Annual Licence basis. The Application is hosted in the Cloud, and therefore it typically does not impact IT Estates and Infrastructure, making this a cost effective and straightforward application to implement.

Please contact us if you would like to learn more about our RevelCS™ Decision Support Platform.